ST10 - Standard Vehicle Tracking System

Seyir Mobil Standart Vehicle Tracking System offers you an uninterrupted vehicle tracking service. More

Technicial Specifications Product Document


Seyir Mobil standard vehicle tracking device is developed to understand and learn information such as the location of the vehicles, how they are driven, which route they follow, and idle times along with time information. With this device,

  • You can track your vehicles 7/24 in real time and retrospectively.
  • You can define speed limit, route and zone.
  • You can receive alarms related to situations you define.
  • You can observe the place and time of opening and closing of the tank cover.
  • You can create instant and retrospective reports about your vehicles and drivers.

You can warn your drivers in situations such as speed or idling, and train your drivers to minimize the accident rate. In this way, you can minimize the negative effects of loss of life and property.


Also, when your vehicle is moving beyond your control, you can block the engine and add driver recognition unit to determine who is driving the vehicle. Thus, you can intervene in events that develop beyond your control.


In addition to all these, with Seyir Mobil Standard Vehicle Tracking System, you can access detailed reports of your vehicles from anywhere you are connected to the internet and you can be informed via notification or e-mail.

Accessories and Optional Units